About Empower a Child


Many visitors who come to Uganda and Kenya desire to do more than just experience the wildlife. Through our partnership with Empower a Child, we can offer volunteer opportunities to all of our visitors. Our volunteer opportunities are as flexible as our safaris, they range from an individual spending a week or two working in schools,orphanages, babies homes, hospitals and street kids home to larger groups going out to work in villages to build homes and help develop self-sustainability for families there. We encourage making volunteering a part of your trip because it gives you a richer experience with the people and the culture as well as allowing you to have a more tangible impact on the community in East Africa.

Empower a Child is a non-profit Christian organization based in East Africa, Uganda and Kenya. We are registered in the US as a 501(c)3 non profit organization. We focus on the humanitarian crisis in Uganda and Kenya by re-building communities and empowering today's youth. EAC provides resources for children and teens to excel academically and will never turn a child away due to age or religion.

We have a team of national staff and volunteers in both Uganda and Kenya working directly with the children in the various community outreach and sponsorship programs to improve their quality of life spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Our international volunteer team ranges from 2 – 60 volunteers from all over America, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand throughout the course of the year. We are a small grassroots organization, which allows us to have a personal connection with each child in our different programs. We believe each child has potential and should not be denied education and economic empowerment merely because of their age or situation.

How we partner

Safaris are conducted by View Africa Tours. A percentage of all profits on these safaris go back to support the work of Empower A Child. Church and Youth Groups Churches, youth groups, school groups, clubs, and small groups are welcome to partner with us in mission trips.

Due to the work schedules and other commitments of team members we usually find about two weeks is a good length for these types of trips. However, any length, be it 3 weeks, 1 month, etc and what is accomplished on the trip can be decided by the team leader based on the teams interest and experience. The trip would end with a three-day safari in one of Uganda or Kenya's national parks.

Church and youth groups can partner with us for a mission trip that can have a big impact on a family of orphans. Our two week trips usually so as follows; the first week the team will join our weekly outreach programs and the second week the team will be in the village helping to build a house for a widow and a family of orphans. The trip would end with a three-day safari in one of Uganda, Rwanda Kenya's national parks.