How Long and How Far?

View Africa offers safaris in a diverse range of environments all relatively close proximity to one another, and offers private transportation on all their trips. This means that you can choice to have your safari in one national park or to move around the country and see a range of different parks and landscapes.

Your first decision should be how long you want to stay and how much you want to see. Staying in a single place lets you explore that area in great detail. In wilderness areas, this is the best way to really get to experience many facets of an ecosystem.

East Africa’s rich diversity of wildlife and viewing these animals in their natural habit means that no two experiences in the wild are ever the same. Each day you’ll experience and see completely different things. Spending time in a single location also allows you to really get to know and learn from the local cultures, and to get to know locals on an individual level.

Alternatively, it is possible in East Africa to take a safari to a completely different destination every single day. This is a good option for travellers who like a variety of experiences and environments. For example in a single trip to Kenya, you can visit tropical forests, beautiful beaches, deserts, climb mountains, and explore the wild on a typical safari.

Another choice is to decide on 2 or 3 destinations and spend a few days exploring each one. The choice is yours. When you are planning your trip, think about how many destinations you’d like to visit and how long you’ll spend in each one.

Who to Bring?

Whether you are traveling solo or looking for a family trip, View Africa has plenty of options to suit. Think in advance about whether or not you’d like to join an organized safari group, or have your own private transport. East Africa has plenty to keep the single travellers busy. Organized safaris and camping trips are often great social experiences and a good way to meet other travellers.

The region is popular with independent travellers, and is quite easy to meet up with traveling companions on the road. For couples, East Africa is a perfect destination for a relaxing break. We have many secluded, private guesthouses, camps and luxury hotels ideal for romantic stays or honeymoons.

Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania are also a great family destination. Kids love animals, and the sights and experiences of a safari can outdo any theme park or zoo. There are hotels that cater especially for families and have special facilities, programs and safari guides for children.

Your own Style

Look at as many options as you can before you come to East Africa. Try and plan for the perfect safari for yourself. If you want five star luxury accommodations to be pampered and served an abundant menu selection you can find some amazing luxury hotels in East Africa. Or if you want to really rough it and experience life away from the trappings of civilization it can be equally easily arranged.

Think about how you are going to get around and how long it will take. Do you want to be use light aircraft to avoid long road trips, or do you enjoy the experience of driving through the countryside? It is possible to plan a safari that blends adventure and relaxation, luxury and natural simplicity, social experiences and solitude. Consider trying several different experiences and seeing this great land from several different perspectives.

Can I have my clothes washed while on safari?

Most of east Africa's safari lodges and camps offer a complimentary laundry service (some at a small fee) but please note that undergarments are often excluded, it is just polite to do that. You may wish to bring a small supply of liquid laundry soap (a small plastic travel bottle filled with Woolite works well for hand washing.

Can I play sport in East Africa on holiday or safari?

There are a variety of sports available in the K city centres - squash, golf, tennis, etc. Fishing, on Lake Victoria or the Nile River, and White Water Rafting from Bujagali Falls is also popular. Arrangements can be made for these activities depending on individual's interests.

Do I need jabs or immunization to go to East Africa?

Certificates are required for vaccination against yellow fever. Check current medical advice on typhoid, cholera and hepatitis. Malarial risk is general and prophylactics should be taken. It is advisable to start anti-malaria medications 10 days prior to arrival and continue with the same until 14 days after leaving East Africa. Our guests are also encouraged to take make their own insurance arrangements for the time they will be in East Africa.

How do I get to East Africa for a safari?

Our guests to East Africa, Kenya or Rwanda arrive by air. If you visit East Africa you will be landing at the Entebbe International Airport; approximately 45 minutes’ drive from the capital Kampala. Transfers to and from the airports are available for any size group. We shall pick you up from the airport on arrival and drop you at the end of your visit.

How old should one be to go on a trip or safari to East Africa?

Our trips are open to anyone from five to eighty years old, whether you are a doctor, photographer, student, mission enthusiast, or simply an explorer, there is an endless variety of things for you to see and do on our trips.

How Will I get round on Safari in East Africa?

The roads are generally in good condition. Four-wheel drive vehicles may be required for up-country use, especially in the national park during the rainy seasons. We have access to a fleet of saloon cars, mini-buses and four wheel drive vehicles, available on either a self-drive or chauffeur driven basis if you need them. On the trip our good drivers will look after you.

What animals will I see on Safari in East Africa?

When it comes to game viewing, please be advised there are no guarantees. It is a privilege to see animals in their natural habits. Take only a photograph; leave only a footprint. However in all East Africa, Kenya and Rwanda National Parks, a client has 95% of viewing animals.

What is the East African weather like?

East Africa enjoys ideal weather conditions ranging from the warmth of the lowlands to the coolness of the highlands. Mean temperatures are between 21C and 31 C (or between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit) all the year around. Wet seasons are March - May and October - December.

What is there to drink on Safari in East Africa?

Alcohol: Several brand of local beer are available, including Bell, Club and Nile Special. Most spirits and wines are imported and are readily available at slightly elevated prices. There are no limitations on the drinking of alcohol in East Africa for adults.

There are soft drinks available too.

What should I bring to wear in East Africa?

Light summer clothing supplemented by a sweater or jacket should be sufficient all year round. Usually dressing is informal. Cotton slacks and flats-heeled comfortable walking shoes are recommended on safari. Don't forget to bring a hat for sun protection and a swimsuit. Umbrellas and windbreakers are recommended in the wet seasons. Request additional details at the time of booking or check out our list of things to pack on this site.

What sort of food will I eat on holiday in East Africa?

Fresh tropical fruits and vegetables are plentiful throughout the country. A wide range of dishes, both traditional and international, are served in the hotels and restaurants. We make sure our guests are well fed on the trips.

Will I need a visa to go to East Africa?

All our guests must get entry visas to their respective countries or make necessary arrangements before they leave their home country. If you are visiting East Africa Visas are generally available at all entry points including Entebbe airport but you need to have all the documentation to ease the process.

Am I safe from the wild animals when on in East Africa?

When on safari, you may typically be tracking and viewing wild animals, herds of elephant, buffalo, lion, rhino, leopard and many others. You may feel very exposed, but the wild animals are mostly accustomed to the vehicle and will usually ignore it. You will always be accompanied by an experienced (and armed) ranger and your safety is the highest concern. Please however always follow the advice given - remain in the vehicle at all times; don't stand up; and observe silence when requested. Wild animals are unpredictable and deserve a high degree of respect.

When on a foot safari, the ranger will not track carnivores or the larger, more dangerous species. However, such encounters can occur. Once again, follow the instructions of the ranger for your own and the group's safety. Never turn and run. Your ranger is armed and is there to protect you when necessary.

Is there anything else I need to know about my East Africa -Africa Safaris?

Safari Etiquette: Be on time. Nothing is more irritating to other group members than to have to constantly wait for a slowpoke. Be at appointed meeting places, ready to go. You may not wish to go on all game drives or sightseeing. However, do be sure to tell your driver or guide in advance so he won’t wait for you.

Be quiet. Part of the beauty of the East African -African bush is the silence and serenity. If you notice others aren’t speaking, it’s probably a sign they wish you weren’t either. On game drives you risk scaring away the animal you want to see by shouting or speaking loudly. Quietly point out to the driver the animals in question and be assured he’ll respond appropriately.

Be considerate. Some in your group may want to keep moving while others want to linger to get that perfect shot. If your group is large, you can often sort yourselves out into minibuses of people with similar habits.

Don’t assume that you are the only person who likes the front seat. It’s always best to ask. Refrain from smoking in vehicles and during meals.

Don’t be a complainer. Most problems are pretty easy to rectify when the right person knows about them. If something is bothering you tell the person concerned or your guide. You’re on the adventure of a lifetime. It’s not supposed to be "just like home."

Are their opportunities to meet with local people or visit real East African villages?

There are many opportunities for cultural interaction. We can arrange visits to local schools, markets, and villages. You will meet the people and be one of them if you wish.

Are there other activities besides wildlife viewing?

Certainly. There is golf, mountain climbing and hiking, encounters with chimpanzees, East Africa Gorilla safaris, horseback riding, white water rafting, fishing, quad bike rides, cultural music shows, trips to local markets and much more.

Are there set departure dates for these East Africa safari?

No, most of our safaris are arranged around your chosen travel dates. We only have dates for schedules trips and group trips.

Are there specific rules to follow on the road in East Africa?

All visitors intending to drive are required to obtain an international drivers permit, visitors found driving without a permit will be fined and not permitted to continue on their journey. Visitors will also not be able to rent a car without a valid driver's permit. The wearing of seatbelts is compulsory and strictly enforced by law.