About Us

View Africa Tour Specialist is a safari company established in Uganda and has expanded to all East African countries, Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda. These countries are all of rich beauty but also devastated by war, AIDS, and poverty. We are a unique safari company in that we not only arrange safaris activities but also specialize in humanitarian volunteer trips for high school and college students, as well as professionals.

These trips range from 2 to 3 volunteers assisting different projects of your interests, babies` homes, street kids’ homes, orphanages, and schools to groups of 15 or more working community based initiatives and building projects to help transform an entire village.

View Africa Tour Specialists has been arranging safaris for groups and individuals since 2005. Realizing that for most people a safari to Africa is “a once in a lifetime experience” our priority is to send you on a safari that is leisurely paced and provides you with the maximum amount of time for wildlife viewing and relaxation.

We are experts at analysing safari itineraries and understand the routing, travel time, and road and weather conditions involved in traveling from park to park. Our familiarity with the majority of ranches, lodges and tented camps, and our first-hand knowledge of the types of wildlife viewing available in the surrounding areas assure you of the most enjoyable safari for your interests and budget. We especially look for smaller, more personal, permanent tented camps and lodges and try to avoid the "safari circuit" and large group safaris.

Our Eco Vision

We believe in environmental conservation and promotion of tourism industry in order to benefit both wildlife and citizens of East Africa.